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floor care

Strip, Wax and Buff

BD&S Services, Inc. strips, waxes and buffs any vinyl, composition tile, marble, tile, ceramic, wood, laminate floor or linoleum.


Complete carefree programs are available to maintain your floors in new condition. 

Ready to Perform

Wood Floor

Sand and Refinish

BD&S Services, Inc. offers complete sand and refinish options such as stain, new shoe mold, and janitorial service to remove dust.  We especially love to repair antique heart pine and antique red oak floors.  


Turbo Tile & Grout Cleaning

BD&S Services, Inc. can make your ceramic tile floors, walls and grout look like new!

Contact us regarding the new Hydro-Force Tile and Grout Cleaning System Turbo Cleaner.  The Turbo weighs only 15 pounds, but is very strong and durable.  The Turbo is able to reach areas that other machines are unable to reach due to the fact that the handle lays down!


Often tile and grout are soiled by loose dirt being spilled or tracked onto the floor.  Eventually the soil becomes compacted into the surface.  Dry soils and water based soils or oil based soils can combine to cause extremely bad stains, which in return are difficult to clean.  The soils that are ground in are often absorbed by porous grout or trapped within the sandy texture of the grout which makes it hard to remove with regular mop cleaning.

Beautiful Bathroom
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